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Septic Installation Installation of septic tank Two Container

Install or improve your private septic system

Keep your property clean and healthy with properly installed and maintained septic tanks, lines and drainage fields. L & F Construction knows western Massachusetts and what works here!

  • Installation of new septic tanks

  • Creation of septic drain fields

  • Digging for PERC tests on septic fields

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Your yard shouldn't have an odor just because you have a septic system. If there's a smell or soggy areas in your yard, or if your toilets and drains are slow, call us at 413-665-3788 for timely system repairs.


Live in town on a community system? L & F Construction can install new lines and repair old ones, and make sure both your water and sewer service is properly connected.

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Serving the Leverett, MA,

area since 1969.


- a test to determine the   absorption rate of soil for a septic drain field   or "leach field"

•   Connection to house plumbing

•   Repair of existing septic systems